FAQ on Services

I need a drop off. How does it work?

Step 1: Schedule a delivery. Step 2: Our professional drivers will come, and drop off your car to the destination. Step 3: THERE IS NO "STEP 3."

Can you service my car and bring it back to me?

Yes, we can deliver your can and bring it back to you after service is completed. Note that, you have to choose your own service shop, or pick from once we offer you.

Do you - at MARVIP do the service on my car?

No, MARVIP is an auto delivery company. We deliver your car to your desired service shops or to the service shops we partner with. Where we also offer the service to deliver your car back to you, once the services have been completed.

FAQ on Scheduling & Cancellation

What’s your cancellation policy?

You will receive full money back, when scheduled request is cancelled 1 hour prior to delivery time. Anything after that, only 50% of original payment will be refunded.

How do I cancel my booking (scheduled delivery)?

You can cancel your booking online or over the phone.

Do you have customer service?

Yes we do, and our customer service is available 7 days a week, from 7am to 7pm.

FAQ on Vehicle Owner Responsibilities

Do I need to clean my car before pick-up ?

No, you don't need to clean or wash you car before pick-up. 

Does my car have to have enough fuel/charge upon pick-up?

Vehicle owners are responsible for the gas used to transport their cars to and/or from service station. They are also responsible to have sufficient amount of gas in their car tank for their delivery requests.

Do I need to make payments upfront ?

a) To set a pick-up/drop-off online or over the phone, you will be prompt to make a payment.

b) If you already took care of the payment with the service station (PREFERRED*) to service your car, Marvip won't have anything to do with the process, thus no payment or fees will apply.

c) If you were unable to pay for the service upfront, with the service station, a Marvip representative will send you the bill via email link, where you can make payments before your car is driven out of the service station;  5% convenience fee may apply.

FAQ on Marvip's Responsibility

What are drivers responsibility?

Our professional drivers' responsibilities include: arrive to pick-up destination on time, take pictures of car (to record its current state), and deliver the car to destination safely.

After getting to the destination?

Taking pictures of the car (to have record it's current state) before handling the keys over to service station personal/vehicle owner. Notify responsible parties about delivery completion.

Is my car insured while it's being delivered ?

Yes, Marvip LLC is insured  by one of the Fortune 500 companies. So, your cars are in safe hands.